Ham radio communication, the original social medium, will be featured at the American Radio Relay League Field Day on June 27 at Highland Road Park Observatory, 13800 Highland Road.

The public is welcome to attend from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. There is no charge.

The Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club will teach participants the importance of ham radio in communication and emergency situations.

People attending can learn how to send their name in Morse code, contact ham operators in other states and obtain their own transmitting license.

Field Day is part of a 24-hour nationwide emergency exercise with temporary stations set up at Highland Road Park Observatory as BRARC joins similar clubs across the continent using a mix of battery, solar and low-power outputs to make contact with stations all over North America.

HRPO is sponsored by BREC, the LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society.

For more information, call (225) 768-9948 or visit hrpo.lsu.edu/programs/arrl.html.