MANDEVILLE (AP) — Authorities in St. Tammany Parish will redraw plans for a long-awaited road near Pelican Park in Mandeville because of the presence of woodpeckers.

The road on the east side of the park would connect U.S. Highway 190 and Louisiana Highway 1088.

The red cockaded woodpeckers are a common sight in the piney woods on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

Authorities say some of the birds are nesting in trees right on the side of old Southeast Louisiana Hospital.

“There are two families of cockaded woodpeckers, and they require a lot of property and woods, but there’s a lot of property out there,” Parish President Pat Brister said.

Parish officials plan to redesign the path of the connecting road to give the woodpeckers their space, but the project will go ahead, Brister said.

St. Tammany also is working to acquire the property needed to build the road, which is expected to alleviate traffic in the area around Pelican Park.