West Feliciana Parish voters essentially gave themselves a 2 mill property tax cut Saturday night when they backed only half of a proposed property tax rededication plan that would have shifted existing taxes toward a new recreation and wellness center.

Voters backed cutting 1.5 mills from West Feliciana Parish Hospital and a half-mill from parish public health services, but rejected rededicating those same 2 mills toward construction of the two centers.

Backers with parish government had argued the rededication would not raise taxes, just shift their purpose, but voters did not support the new spending piece of that plan.

In a fourth ballot proposition, voters did agree to renew 8.89 mills for infrastructure, public buildings and grounds and parks.

Here is break down of the vote on each ballot proposition with all 36 precincts reporting.

Approved — PROPOSITION ONE includes a renewal of a half-mill to fund West Feliciana Parish Hospital operations. Results are the following: 53 percent “yes” to 47 percent “no,” 1,967 votes to 1,751 votes.

Approved — PROPOSITION TWO includes a renewal of 1 mill to fund a number of the parish’s public health facilities, as well as social services, plus supporting mosquito abatement, animal control, solid waste collection and disposal, and the Coroner’s Office. Results are the following: 52 percent “yes” to 48 percent “no,” 1,929 votes to 1,769 votes.

Approved — PROPOSITION THREE is a renewal of 8.89 mills, with half of the proceeds going to fund parish infrastructure needs such as roads, bridges and drainage; 33 percent for public buildings and grounds; and 17 percent for recreational parks and facilities. Results are the following: are the following: 54 percent “yes” to 46 percent “no,” 1,996 votes to 1,692 votes.

Rejected — PROPOSITION FOUR is new and re-dedicates a total of 2 mills from the first two propositions that will be used to fund the construction and operation of a new parish recreation center at the West Feliciana Sports Park along with a new wellness center to be built and maintained next to the new hospital off Barnett Road. Results are the following: 58 percent “no” to 42 percent “yes,” 2,133 votes to 1,560 votes.

The first three propositions were for 10 years while the fourth was for 20 years.

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