The City Council will seek up to $600,000 in Community Development Block Grant money from the state to pay for a proposed street overlay project.

City Clerk Barbara Lantz said Jennings is eligible to receive up to $600,000 for the project.

“It doesn’t mean we will get the full amount, but we could get somewhere in that range, which we can use,” Mayor Terry Duhon said.

Any grant money awarded to the city would help with maintenance and improvement of streets, he said.

“This would defer the cost so that we don’t have to take money from the general fund or capital improvement funds for road repairs,” Duhon said. “In turn the citizens will have decent roads to drive on in their neighborhoods.”

The project calls for the asphalt overlay of East Willis Street, East Spencer Street, Renshaw Street, Mulkern Street and West Plaquemine Street from Louisiana Highway 26 to the west.

As part of the grant application, the city must verify that the streets are in low- to moderate-income areas.

Jennings also must agree to pay for engineering and administrative fees.