Advocate file photo -- Yvonne DeCarlo, left, and Clark Gable while in Louisiana filming "Band of Angels" in 1957.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Posters, lobby cards, photographs, press books and other items linked to classic and less-known movies filmed in or about New Orleans and Louisiana are on display at the Historic New Orleans Collection.

“From Cameo to Close-up” shows items from the silent era to the 1990s. It will be on view through Nov. 26.

It’s free.

Starting May 31, the museum will also present a free showing of a different movie on one Saturday each month. Most will be introduced by senior curator and historian John Magill.

The series begins with the 1938 movie “Jezebel,” starring Bette Davis, Henry Fonda and George Brent, and ends Nov. 22 with “These Amazing Shadows” made in 2011 and starring Jeff Adachi, James H. Billington and Robin Blaetz.