A commercial airliner made an emergency landing Thursday at Baton Rouge Metro Airport because of landing gear failure, an airport spokesman said.

There were no injuries, said spokesman Jim Caldwell.

The plane was taken off the runway around 9:30 p.m., Caldwell said.

The airport still plans to operate most flights Friday morning, but Caldwell encouraged travelers to keep checking on their flights.

The plane’s left wheel never dropped down, Caldwell said. The pilot was able to keep the left wing up long enough so the plane could slow down and stop safely, Caldwell said.

“He did such a great job slowing it down,” Caldwell said.

The plane, a Delta connection flight from Atlanta, made its landing around 4:35 p.m., said Jarek Beem, a spokesman for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which operates flights for Delta.

The airport’s security and fire detail followed the plane down the runway after it landed, Caldwell said.

The wheels under the right wing and nose of the plane did work, he said.

The plane was about half full of passengers when it made the emergency landing, Caldwell said.