Mayor Pro Tem Mike Walker said Monday morning that Mayor-President Kip Holden has assured him that he will deliver on his promise to reallocate funds for bridge money, despite comments made last week by his aide that suggested otherwise.

On Sept. 28, Holden and Walker publicly touted an agreement that would have the mayor free up about $1 million for bridge repairs in exchange for the council approving a disputed stage canopy to be built in downtown's Galvez Plaza.

The council voted to approve the $900,000 sculptural stage canopy in an 8-2 vote Tuesday, but some council members made it clear they were voting only on the merits of the project and were not in favor of supporting the deal.

The next day Holden's aide Scott Dyer said in an email that the "deal fell apart."

"The deal was suggested by council members who offered to support the canopy in exchange for the bridge money. The mayor was willing to go along if that was the only way to get council approval for the canopy project," Dyer wrote.

"As it turned out, that wasn't necessary because the deal fell apart apparently due to a lack of support from other council members," Dyer said.

But on Monday, Walker emailed the full council explaining that Dyer's comments were inaccurate.

"This morning, Mayor Holden called me to let me know that Scott Dyer's (comment) in this morning's paper is inaccurate and that the agreement previously presented by the mayor regarding funding for bridge repair is still on the table," Walker wrote.

He said he expects the item to be presented to the Metro Council for consideration in the next couple weeks.