What are the annual staff salaries for the Amite River Basin Commission and the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission? I could not locate the information on their websites.

We also couldn't find that information on either the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation District site at cagwcc.com or the Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District site at amitebasin.org.

The budget for the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation District, adopted on July 3, indicates the annual salary for its part-time director, Tony Duplechin, is $32,000 and for its full-time administrative assistant, Shawn O. Scallan, is $70,000.

Commissioners are not paid a per diem, Duplechin said.

The Amite River Basin district's executive director, Dietmar Rietschier, said information on staff salaries and commissioner per diem for his agency is located on the state Division of Administration’s website for boards and commissions, as required by law, and also can be found in the district's annual audits on the state legislative auditor's website.

The Amite River Basin Commission information on the Division of Administration website indicates the annual salary for Rietschier is $102,719 and for executive secretary Toni Guitreau is $48,425. Commissioners receive per diem of $100 for each meeting: 12 per year plus any special meetings, for no more than 24 a year total, Rietschier said.

According to a page from its latest audit, which Rietschier provided to us, the 13 commissioners were paid a total of $13,020 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.

Mayor's appointments

When will Mayor-president Sharon Weston Broome introduce her staff? Are there any candidates in Broome's search for a chief administrative officer? Will the public get to see who's she's picking from?

Janene Tate, communications director for Broome, notes there have been many news stories on the mayor's cabinet appointments, lead hires and reorganization.

"The staff has also been introduced at many events in the community," Tate said. "Assistant CAOs and department heads are heavily involved and visible at community events and meetings."

Receiving the most publicity was the five-day tenure of CAO Troy Bell, who resigned after The Advocate reported he had lied on his résumé, an assertion he contests.

As for the open chief administrator position, Tate said Broome "is receiving inquiries from interested candidates and has received recommendations from community leaders on other potential candidates. She will narrow that list down and then initiate a formal vetting process. The public will be made aware accordingly."

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