QUESTION: Does the state have any plans to complete the four-laning of Old Hammond Highway in Baton Rouge from Boulevard de Province to Florida Boulevard? If so, when will it happen?

ANSWER: Anastasia Semien, a Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development spokeswoman, says, “Yes, there is a project to four-lane Old Hammond Highway from Boulevard de Province to Millerville Road (not all the way to Florida Boulevard), but no letting date has been set.

“The project is in the early environmental phase, and the first public meeting will be announced as soon as details are finalized.”

Stumberg-Jefferson blues

QUESTION: Prior to the completion of the new Stumberg extension, cars traveling south on Stumberg could turn left onto old Jefferson Highway from two lanes. Now, that has been reduced to one lane. To make matters worse, those who cross old Jefferson heading south who had wished to turn left, and found out they couldn’t, will find the next turn lane was not designed to match with the turn lane that northbound drivers on the new part of Stumberg use to go east on La. 73. The only option is to make a U-turn and end up back at La. 73 and Stumberg.

ANSWER: City-parish Chief Traffic Engineer Ingolf Partenheimer begs to differ, offering this explanation:

“This intersection was modified and improved under the Green Light Plan as part of the Stumberg extension. Lane configurations were made with growth in mind, particularly with the new Pecue Interchange (to Interstate 10), which is coming in the next few years.

Initially when the intersection opened, motorists out of habit continued to use it as a dual left. During subsequent traffic observations, additional green time was added to the southbound left turn and it seemed to solve the problem. Those who miss the turn are then required to go south and take the “J” for their direction. “J” turns are offset so that there is no sight distance issues with cars from the opposite direction like you would have to have to head left.

“This is to improve safety and to manage the access to this new roadway.”

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