We wish the best for the stewards of what was once known as Baton Rouge Little Theater, as the longtime theater company undergoes a name change to Theatre Baton Rouge.

“We are the oldest arts group in Baton Rouge, and we’re one of the oldest community theaters in the United States, but we’ve grown past the little theater name, and we consider ourselves Baton Rouge’s theater,” said Keith Dixon, the theater’s managing artistic director.

We’ll do our best to adjust to the change, although like many Baton Rouge residents, we find that old names die hard. We still think of a certain regional pharmacy chain as K&B, though the chain became a part of the Rite-Aid company many years ago. Godchaux’s lingers in memory as Baton Rouge’s premier department store, although the Godchaux name no longer appears on any store in the area.

“Theatre Baton Rouge” will take some getting used to. Please excuse us if “Baton Rouge Little Theater” continues to stick in our brains.