QUESTION: What is the device that is on the eastbound side of Interstate 10 on the guard rail before the Washington Street exit?

ANSWER: Dustin Annison, public information officer with the state Department of Transportation and Development, tells us the device is a Radar Vehicle Detector. He says it “is used to detect the presence of vehicles through the use of side-fire radar technology, similar to a Doppler radar. The information obtained from these detectors, such as traffic volume, traffic speed, and lane occupancy, is used by our traffic management center to monitor real-time conditions and detect traffic incidents more quickly.”

But it’s my lawn

QUESTION: The property line of my Baton Rouge home is about 25 feet from the street. The 25 feet is constantly being damaged by such things as parents parking to wait for school kids, lawn services parking on it, vandals landscaping it during the night, etc. What can I do about this? Is it legal for me to put spikes, barriers, etc.? It’s not my property but it IS my lawn.

ANSWER: Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, suggests “it may be best if the complaintant were to call in to 311 and request ‘No Parking’ signs.

While this would keep both the residents and the public from parking there too, it’s sometimes a better answer than what they came up with for these locations that tend to draw public parking.”

Frontage road

QUESTION: When will there be clearer traffic flow signs at the intersection of Central Thruway at Florida Bouelvard? Is it legal to turn left from Central Thruway onto the eastbound Florida Boulevard service road?

ANSWER: Again, we touched base with Partenheimer, who says it is not legal to turn left from Central Thruway onto the eastbound Florida Boulevard service road.

“The state and the city are working on the access issues posed by the frontage roads and should have this improved in the near future,” Partenheimer said.

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