Advocate staff photo by RICHARD ALAN HANNON -- Pam Doran, center, gives a thumbs up to a honking driver as she and Darlene Turpin, right, both volunteers attempting to get signatures for the petition to incorporate St. George, work on Tuesday outside Woodlawn Baptist Church in Baton Rouge.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Registrar’s Office is 95 percent finished checking the St. George petition, and anticipates finishing it off next week.

Registrar’s Office Administrative Assistant Aimee Pourciau said Thursday that they have thrown out 18 percent of the names that have been checked. The petition must include at least 25 percent of registered voters within the proposed boundaries of St. George for an election to be held.

In addition, Pourciau said they will have to go back and take names off of the petition for those who originally signed it but have since changed their minds. As of late February, 84 people formally requested to have their signatures removed.

Anti-St. George organizers earlier this week said they expect the petition for the proposed city to come up 2,000 signatures short of what’s needed for a vote.

It is unclear exactly how many people signed the petition to vote on the proposed city of St. George, but estimates range between 16,000 and 18,000.