In a great game of weather dominos, the remnants of a Pacific Ocean super typhoon that made its way to Alaska could make Saturday night’s football game between LSU and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville a very chilly affair.

Saturday in Fayetteville will start off with temperatures in the low 20s accompanied by a 30 percent chance of rain or snow. Going into Saturday evening, temperatures are expected to drop to 28 degrees. The chances of rain and snow are expected to continue Sunday in the Fayetteville area.

“The winds aren’t going to be too strong,” said Andrew Ansorge, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Slidell.

However, even with low wind speeds, the temperatures are likely to be around 34 degrees at kickoff and continue to drop as the game progresses, he said.

The southward push of the cold air started with leftover energy from Super Typhoon Nuri, which threw large storms at Alaska over the weekend. The colder air pushed down through the northern plains, bringing snow and sleet to parts of the upper Midwest early this week.

That front was expected to continue moving south and could bring rain to south Louisiana on Tuesday and Wednesday with a cold front. Behind that front will be colder air that will dip the temperatures in Baton Rouge into the 30s Thursday and Friday evening.

Temperatures in Lafayette will be a little warmer but still low enough to pull out that winter jacket, with 35 degrees Thursday night and 40 degrees Friday evening. Temperatures will be even warmer in New Orleans, getting as low as 41 degrees Thursday and down to 45 Friday evening.

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