State Civil Service employee layoffs slowed to a trickle during the state budget year that ended June 30.

Seventy-eight employees lost their jobs, the lowest number in any fiscal year of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s two terms.

More than 8,400 state classified employees have lost jobs since Jindal first took office in 2008, according to a report issued Friday by the state employment agency.

The back-to-back fiscal years 2012-13 and 2013-14 accounted for most of the employee reductions – 6,164, according to the report. That was the period when Jindal privatized the LSU charity hospital system, shuttering some facilities and turning others over to private management.

The 8,442 layoff number does not include unclassified employees who are not subject to Civil Service hiring and firing protection.

Today, there are just over 40,000 classified employees.