A federal district judge on Tuesday sentenced a Baton Rouge man to 45 years in prison following a September conviction on numerous drug charges.

Jermaine J. Chapman, a 33-year-old also known as “Dump Truck,” received the 45-year sentence plus 10 years of supervised release from U.S. District Judge Shelly D. Dick after the jury found him guilty of charges ranging from possession and distribution of cocaine to possession of a firearm during a drug crime, the U.S. Attorney for Louisiana’s Middle District said Tuesday in a news release.

An indictment filed by federal prosecutors charged Chapman with participating in a cocaine trafficking group between 2006 and 2011. Prosecutors said the group Chapman was involved with ferried large quantities of cocaine between Houston and Baton Rouge.

“Today’s sentencing should serve as a wake-up call for those violent drug traffickers seeking to do business in this district,” U.S. Attorney Walt Green said in the release. “Such activity will not be tolerated and severe punishment will follow.”

Jeffery D. Perry, 32, the leader of the drug-dealing group, also was convicted in September on numerous drug charges and other violations, including a carjacking resulting in someone being shot and injured.

Perry, of Baton Rouge, is awaiting sentencing along with Charles Boyer, 51, who also was found guilty of conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.

Four other men involved in the drug-dealing operation pleaded guilty to various drug charges prior to the September trial. A fifth man, Eugene Williams, was acquitted during trial.