We’re glad that “Antiques Roadshow,” the popular public TV program in which expert appraisers visit American cities and estimate the value of local antiques, is planning a stop in Baton Rouge this year.

That’s quite an honor, since only eight cities are included in the latest travel schedule for the show. Other cities in this year’s lineup include Detroit; Jacksonville, Fla.; Anaheim, Calif.; Boise, Idaho; Knoxville, Tenn.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Richmond, Va. “Antiques Roadshow” will film three episodes of the show at the Baton Rouge River Center on July 27. There will be 6,000 free tickets for the event, with tickets awarded in pairs through a lottery system. Those interested can fill out a ticket application at the show’s website, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/tickets.html.

Because of the show’s wide appeal, we expect visitors from throughout the region, including many communities across Louisiana, to attend the local taping of “Antiques Roadshow.”

Given the deep local interest in history and family heirlooms, we expect that area residents will bring some intriguing items to “Roadshow” appraisers for an opinion.

That should make for lively television — and a nice glimpse of Baton Rouge for viewers across America.