That was fast.

Even before LSU’s bowl game selection, Coach Les Miles gets a raise to stay put, as SEC rival Arkansas sniffs around for a head coach.

What all this shows, other than that football coaches are probably overpaid, is that LSU had a better season than some disgruntled fans think. Sure, there was a big one that got away (Alabama) but a 10-2 finish and a major bowl is not a bad result.

Given the youth of the Tiger team, the key injuries and loss of a real star to self-indulgence, the team that has such a unique role as Louisiana’s college football standard-bearer has performed in ways that a lot of other teams in this country can envy.

The promise shown by the many young players on the Tiger roster, many of them quite likely to be playing as starters for four years, is another sign that the potential for next year’s team is almost unlimited.

Well done, LSU Tigers, and best wishes in the bowl season.