Trucko Stampley, who has twice been found competent to stand trial in a pair of double murders in Baton Rouge in 2007, will undergo a brain scan July 1 in New Orleans, it was revealed in court Thursday.

The testing will be performed at Tulane Medical Center, one of Stampley’s attorneys, Marty Stroud, said during Stampley’s first court appearance before state District Judge Bonnie Jackson.

Stampley’s first-degree murder case was shifted to Jackson after state District Judge Lou Daniel, who presided over the case for four years, disqualified himself in late April because of a death threat from Stampley.

Jackson more than once implored the 23-year-old Stampley, of Baton Rouge, to cooperate with his attorneys as well as the doctors who will examine him.

“I really want to encourage you to cooperate,’’ the judge said at the conclusion of the status hearing.

Stampley’s attorneys have complained in the past that he is uncooperative. Stampley has on more than once occasion asked to replace his attorneys. Those requests have been denied.

Prosecutor Darwin Miller told Jackson that, based on the testing Stampley will undergo in New Orleans, the state will request that Stampley undergo psychological testing at the hands of experts chosen by the state.

Jackson made reference during Thursday’s hearing to the fact that Stampley will undergo a PET scan, which is a type of brain scan called positron emission tomography.

Stampley’s lead attorney, Richard Goorley, declined to discuss the testing after court.

Stampley spent more than a year at the state mental hospital following his April 2007 arrest. Since that time, Daniel twice found him competent to stand trial.

Stampley’s mother testified last year that her son was in special education classes as a child and used to bang his head against walls and sit under their house for hours at a time and bang on pipes.

Stampley is charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the April 2007 slayings of Marie Pedescleaux, 80, and her daughter Denise, 46; and Charles “Chick’’ Colvin III and his wife Ann Lynn Colvin, both 73.

The Pedescleauxs were found shot to death April 25, 2007, in their Crown Avenue home in Glen Oaks.

Two days later, the Colvins were discovered fatally shot in their Thibodeaux Avenue residence in Goodwood Estates.

Stampley has pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty.

Stampley does not have a trial date.

He is scheduled to return to Jackson’s courtroom Aug. 25.