“The Web” by Jonathan Kelleramn. Ballantine, 2014. $24.

In Jonathan Kellerman’s thriller, “The Web,” you are taken on a roller-coaster ride of events that can only be compared with the television show “Lost.”

“The Web” takes place on the island of Aruk, where Dr. Alex Delaware arrives for a relaxing work vacation, having been invited by his mentor and friend Dr. Bill Moreland.

The island of Aruk has many secrets and stories that invite and intrigue Dr. Delaware, but inevitably it is the secrets of Dr. Moreland that will keep Dr. Delaware seeking answers.

This 164-page, beautifully drawn and inked black-and-white thriller will keep you turning pages.

— Phillip Dequeant, pdequeant@theadvocate.com.

“The Wickedest Lord Alive” by Christina Brooke. St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2014. $7.99.

Eight years ago, Steyne and Lady Alexandra consummated their marriage that was forced upon them to pay off Steyne’s mother’s debts.

Once the deed was done, Lady Alexandra disappears and the couple does not see each other again until Steyne finds himself unable to stay away any longer.

He needs an heir and the only way for him to get one is track down his missing wife.

His wife has been pretending to suffer from memory loss all of these years and no one in the village Steyne finds her in has any idea that she is married. Determined to not let that get in the way, Steyne decides to court his own wife and see if he can win his way back into her bed. Lady Alexandra had a reason for disappearing all of those years ago. She wants to be more than just a bed partner, she wants love. She does not want Steyne to succeed in his goal, but she does find him incredibly attractive and the memories from their wedding night have stayed with her.

Will be she successful in fighting him off or find herself surrendering to her husband?

Christina Brooke brings everything historical romance lovers want into this novel. There’s plenty of scandal and mischief and sex and mystery. This book is third in a series, but it is not necessary to have read any of the previous ones to understand everything. If you’re a fan of this genre, this is a must read!

— Juliette Brandt, Baton Rouge

“The King’s Curse” by Philippa Gregory. Touchstone, 2014. $28.99.

Without a doubt, Philippa Gregory is one of the top historical fiction writers of today.

Her latest book, the sixth in her series tracing the families from England’s Cousins War, tackles a familiar subject for her and for most of her readers — Henry VIII and his many wives. This time, she uses the viewpoint of Margaret Pole, cousin to Elizabeth of York (the White Princess), and later the Countess of Salisbury.

She spends most of her life in the court of one or another of Henry’s queens, giving the reader a particularly grim look at the much-examined court of one of England’s most famous kings. Despite the fact that Henry VIII’s reign is much-trodden territory, Gregory manages to give it a somewhat fresh look and her story, as always, rips along with great sweeps of emotion.

— Beth Colvin, bcolvin@theadvocate.com