Lafayette-based Gauthiers’ has merged with Modex to create the world’s third-largest offshore container company with an inventory of 17,000 container units.

Gauthiers’ sells and rents offshore containers, baskets and support equipment for domestic and international oil and gas industry customers.

The two companies said Gauthiers’ benefits from adding in-house manufacturing design and production capacity as well as capital support for its growth.

Modex gains access to the North American oil and gas market via Gauthiers’ locations, expertise and relationships with operators, contractors and service companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gauthiers’ has locations in Lafayette, Houma and Port Fourchon. Modex has operations in Norway, Brazil, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and the United Kingdom, with further growth planned in the near future.

Gauthiers’ branding materials will be updated to include “A Modex Company,” while its Louisiana locations will operate under the same management.

“It will be business as usual, only better, with the merged company. Our customers will still receive the same outstanding service they always have, only now they will gain access to additional units, more facilities, new models and direct factory support,” said Gauthiers’ President Robert Gauthier. “What’s more, we can now serve customers anywhere in the world.”