Abita's new beer packaging design inspired by local culture, art, colors of New Orleans _lowres

Image provided by Abita Brewing Co. -- Abita beer 30th anniversary packaging redesign

Abita Brewing Co. is redesigning the packaging for its flagship brews.

Beginning this month, new packaging marking Abita beers’ 30th anniversary will hit store shelves. This will include new designs for bottles and cans of beer, along with the return of basket carriers for six-packs of bottled beer. Abita switched to a packaging that wrapped around six-packs several years ago, but went back to the old packaging in response to customer comments.

Company officials said the new packaging is inspired by the art, culture, colors and history of New Orleans. For example, a voodoo doctor is now featured on cans and bottles of Purple Haze, while a brass band is on Amber.

“Abita Beer is brewed for the way we love to live,” said David Blossman, president and CEO of Abita. “We are proud of where we come from and wanted that to be evident through every aspect of Abita. There was no better time to embrace who we are than as we celebrate 30 years of continued craft brewing success.”

Despite the new look for bottles and cans, Blossman said the taste of Abita beers will remain the same. The company logo also will remain the same.