Trafigura AG announced Thursday it has borrowed $200 million through long-term bonds to support further development of the Burnside Terminal, which is operated by subsidiary Impala Warehousing (US) LLC.

The terminal is already receiving regular shipments of bauxite and coal through its barge fleeting operations. When Trafigura completes its renovations and improvements, the terminal will become one of the top coal and bulk logistics facilities in the United States. The company said the terminal will also be one of the only facilities on the Mississippi River that can offer barge-to-vessel and rail-to-vessel services.

The bond financing includes $70 million in “Gulf Opportunity Zone” bonds and $130 million in “Dock and Wharf” bonds through the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority.

Trafigura AG’s North America Chief Financial Officer Bryan Keogh described the bond issue as “a huge win for Impala and the Trafigura Group.”

The bonds were secured by the terminal and through-put agreement assets, which makes the project’s debt structure more beneficial to Trafigura’s balance sheet.