The Baton Rouge and New Orleans metropolitan areas are in the middle rankings for the nation’s supply of advanced industry jobs, according to a report released Tuesday by the nonprofit Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program.

That advanced industries sector directly employs 12.2 million workers, supports over 25 percent of all U.S. jobs and accounts for 60 percent of the nation’s exports, Brookings analysts reported.

However, while the sector’s workers averaged $90,000 in annual wages in 2013 — nearly twice the average pay of workers in other fields — Brookings researchers said the U.S. “is losing ground to other countries on advanced industry competitiveness.”

Brookings identified 50 research-and-development and other manufacturing and service industries that need workers with skills in science, technology, engineering or math. They range from aerospace and automotive to chemicals and clay products and petroleum and pharmaceuticals.

Among the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, Baton Rouge’s ranked 62nd for its 31,820 jobs in advanced industries. Brookings said those area workers averaged annual pay of $85,370 in 2013, while workers in all other area industries averaged $47,630.

With 41,840 advanced industry jobs, the New Orleans area ranked 51st in the nation in 2013. Those workers averaged $90,110 in annual pay. Workers across all other industries averaged $49,470.