Convergence Equity LLC of Baton Rouge will provide around 350,000 Ebola-resistant protective suits and gear to federal departments and agencies under an agreement announced Thursday.

Convergence is teaming with medical supplier TrillaMed LLC to provide the protective gear to federal agencies, as well as domestic and foreign health providers.

Convergence Equity’s current inventory includes more than 3 million suits, gloves, booties and protective gear supplies. The company said it also has millions more products in its development pipeline.

Under the agreement, Convergence will supply TrillaMed with more than 1,000 Personal Protective Equipment kits. Convergence will also fill additional orders for protective domestically and internationally as needed.

Convergence Equity spokesperson, Rob Hartwell said the company is going into “full-production mode” at its facilities in Mexico, Alabama and Taiwan in case the Ebola crisis or any other biohazard crisis moves toward pandemic status.

“While we have the situation under close scrutiny here in the US, tens of thousands of health professionals and millions of citizens are at risk and are ill prepared to ward off Ebola without adequate protective gear. We are fighting to alleviate such an intolerable situation,” Hartwell said.

Convergence is working on other agreements with global medical supply companies and expects to announce details of those arrangements in the near future.