Gerry Lane Enterprises is renovating buildings and moving around some of its dealerships in a two-year, $6 million reshuffling.

Vice President Eric Lane said the current $2 million renovation of the Gerry Lane Chevrolet at 6505 Florida Blvd. is just part of the overall plan.

Gerry Lane just applied for a permit to convert the former Hummer dealership on Rieger Road near Interstate 10 into its Cadillac dealership.

Hummer was phased out by General Motors, so Gerry Lane will spend $2.2 million redesigning that building to house the Cadillac dealership. It will feature a customer lounge, a service drive and a main drive-up area similar to a hotel lobby.

“It’ll be first class, like Cadillac deserves,” Lane said, noting it should be open between six months to a year.

Once the Chevrolet renovation is completed on Florida Boulevard, the former Saturn dealership next door will become home to Gerry Lane’s Buick-GMC dealership.

That will entail bringing the Buicks and GMCs from the location at North Foster Drive and Florida Boulevard and turning that site into Gerry Lane’s used-car center, Lane said.

Lastly, Gerry Lane will convert the old Saturn showroom that is next door to the Hummer-turned-Cadillac dealership on Reiger Road into Gerry Lane Imports. It will feature vehicles from Mitsubishi and Saab. Those cars are in the current Cadillac showroom, Lane said.

Lane said that in the aftermath of General Motors canceling Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac and selling off Saab, then emerging from bankruptcy with new showroom standards for its dealers, Gerry Lane Enterprises had some work to do.

Gerry Lane had replaced Saturn with Mitsubishi and Hummer with Cadillac, but took the opportunity to make some changes. He said all the facilities are being put to use under the new arrangement.

“We needed to update … so it’s going to be good for us in the long run,” Lane said.