Globalstar, based in Covington, is set to introduce a device that will allow people to use their smartphones, tablets or laptop computers to connect to its satellite phone network.

The company expects to get Federal Communications Commission approval for the Sat-Fi service in the second quarter, which will allow for the sale of the portable devices. Pricing has yet to be determined.

Jay Monroe, chairman and CEO of Globalstar, said the service will allow people to stay seamlessly connected, even if they work or travel outside the reach of cell coverage.

“Sat-Fi will have global appeal to those who need reliable connectivity beyond the cellular grid,” Monroe said. “We have waited a long time to be in the position to announce this breakthrough product and I’d like to thank the entire development team for their unending perseverance.”

Globalstar said the service is aimed at emergency responders, people impacted by disasters, recreational and commercial boat owners, oil and gas industry, and hunters and campers.