Baton Rouge specialty chemicals maker Albemarle Corp. announced a successful startup of a new catalyst manufacturing plant at its facility in Yeosu, South Korea.

The plant will produce commercial quantities of single-site metallocene catalysts, including grades enhanced by Albemarle’s proprietary technology, as well as catalyst components such as methylaluminoxane.

The facility’s products will support the growing needs of polyolefin producers around the world, including those in the high-growth Asia-Pacific region.

“With these new assets, we are not only increasing capacity and improving our portfolio, we are bringing the finished product closer to the end-user,” said Amy Hebert, vice president of Albemarle’s catalysts global business unit.

“With metallocene catalyst production capabilities located in both Yeosu and Baton Rouge, we now offer customers around the world an unmatched security of supply,” said Raphael Crawford, vice president of Albemarle’s performance catalyst solutions division.