The Advocate is holding a virtual career fair, a two-week online event that starts Sunday at

So far, 25 employers, including The Advocate, are participating in the fair, said Art De La Torre, The Advocate’s classified advertising and business development manager.

Jobseekers can pre-register at the website, and those who do will receive an email alerting them that the career fair is beginning, De La Torre said.

The virtual career fair will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is free, he said. The fair will have jobs in five categories: general help wanted; professional/administrative; health care; transportation; and industrial.

De La Torre said once on the website, jobseekers can view employers by category.

“Let’s say you’re interested in transportation. You click on the transportation icon, and it shows you the employers that are in that category,” he said. “Then you can click on an employer and see all their job postings. From there you can also apply for the jobs, and you can apply for as many as you want.”

The Advocate has promoted the career fair in the paper and also sent out a mass email to the 17,000 jobseekers who have already placed their résumés in The Advocate’s résumé database.

“So far we have over 500 people who have pre-registered for the event, which I’m told is pretty good,” De La Torre said.

The fair’s major sponsor is Transport Service Co.

The career fair also gives employers a “live chat” option, De La Torre said. With this option, employers can set aside a block of time on a given day to answer questions or learn more about applicants.