Baton Rouge General will eliminate the jobs of 50 to 60 administrative and support workers over the next three months as the hospital adjusts to the closure of its Mid City emergency room and changing patient volumes.

Those changes altered the hospital’s organizational needs, President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Slyter said in a prepared statement. While many patient-care areas continue to grow, others require realignment.

“Though we are fully confident this is the right move for our organization, we deeply regret the personal impact of these changes and are committed to doing everything in our power to help employees transition smoothly,” Slyter said.

The workers were notified Thursday. The General plans to transfer the workers it can to other positions so the total number of layoffs will probably be lower than number of jobs that will be eliminated. The people who work directly at the bedside will not be affected, according to the hospital. The positions that will be cut involve administrative, corporate and support services jobs.

The workers who can’t be moved to another job at the hospital will receive 30 days of advance notice and 30 to 60 days of severance pay. The General also will provide career counseling to help people find work, inside or outside the hospital, as well as financial counseling, help with benefits, social services, and spiritual and emotional support, Slyter said.

“It is our goal that no one affected miss a paycheck,” Slyter said.

Baton Rouge General closed the Mid City emergency room at the end of March and consolidated emergency services at the Bluebonnet campus. Slyter said then that the hospital was working with consultants to come up with a new business plan for the Mid City campus.