LSU AgCenter Food Incubator tenant Richard Hanley of Hanley’s Foods has hired a co-packer to make his Sensation salad dressing.

The deal will allow Hanley to produce 650 gallons of salad dressing a day, helping him meet demand for his product.

“This is a huge accomplishment,” Food Incubator Director Gaye Sandoz said. “Reaching the level of sales needed to be accepted by a co-packer is no easy task. Richard has a great product that we’ve enjoyed helping him improve, and he’s worked very hard to market it and grow his business.”

Hanley has been in the incubator since it opened in July 2013. At the time he joined, his salad dressing was sold in about 30 stores. Within six months, 150 stores were carrying his dressing.

Hanley’s Sensation salad dressing is sold in stores in five states, including Whole Foods, Rouses Supermarkets and Associated Grocers.

Hanley is the first tenant to graduate to a co-packer.

The LSU AgCenter Food Incubator provides small food entrepreneurs with kitchen space, processing equipment and AgCenter marketing and food science expertise. The center now serves 18 tenants, who produce everything from salad dressing to barbecue sauce to pralines. Six more tenants are expected to join soon.