Community Coffee is now being served as the exclusive coffee on all Southwest Airlines flights, a move that will put the local coffee company in front of the 118 million people who travel on the airline each year.

Southwest said it selected Community after the company’s Signature Blend was voted tops in a taste test. Terms of the deal, including the length of the contract and its value, were not disclosed.

Southwest started serving Community Coffee on flights Tuesday.

Jodi Conachen, a spokeswoman for Community, said the agreement will give the company more exposure. The Community logo is branded on every coffee cup.

“This is a real exciting opportunity,” she said. “It will help to grow the brand.” That could boost sales in the 20 states where Community Coffee is sold.

While Community Coffee is offered in many restaurants, Southwest is the first airline to carry the brew, Conachen said.

Along with offering the regular and instant decaffeinated versions of the Signature Blend, Southwest will provide bags of Community tea.

Through its website, Southwest is promoting its partnership with Community, which will provide funding to the nonprofit ECOM Foundation for every pound of coffee served on a flight. The foundation will use the money to open two schools in rural Mexico for the farmers, who grow Community’s Arabica beans, and their families. The schools will not only help children in the area but will teach advanced farming techniques, and there will be virtual learning programs over the Internet.

“Southwest Airlines customers will not only enjoy the rich, smooth flavor of Community Signature Blend coffee during their flights but will be a part of giving back to the coffee growers and their families through educational support programs,” said David Belanger, president and chief executive officer of Community.

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