Gasoline sales have been halted at the Sam’s Club in Siegen Lane Marketplaceafter there were several complaints about water getting into the tanks.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain said his office sent an inspector to check the pumps at 10444 N. Mall Drive Friday. “There was water in two pumps and we locked those pumps down,” he said.

While Strain said he didn’t know how the water got in the fuel tanks, he said the most common way this happens is when a tank isn’t properly sealed and there’s a heavy rainfall.

The normal procedure is for the tanks to be completely drained, refilled with gasoline and then tested by inspectors with the Division of Weights and Measures. Strain said the process is “pretty quick” and usually completed in a few days.

Dianna Gee, a spokeswoman for Sam’s Club, said about 25 people complained about getting gasoline with water in it. “That’s one of those things that happens, you know it right away,” she said.

Sam’s doesn’t have a date yet for when gasoline sales will resume at the Siegen Lane Marketplace location. “We’re working as diligently as possible to address the root cause of this and help our members who have damages to their vehicles,” Gee said. If a member suspects he purchased bad gasoline at Sam’s, he should contact the manager on duty at the Siegen store.

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