A Dutch subsidiary of New Day Aluminum Holdings LLC has completed an acquisition of ARC Fused Alumina in La Bâthie, France, which gives a plant in Gramercy a potential future outlet for its alumina products.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based New Day is the parent company of Noranda Alumina, which operates the Gramercy refinery that receives materials from Noranda Bauxite, New Day's Jamaican bauxite mining operation. 

The Gramercy refinery employs about 450 people and uses a process to chemically refine bauxite and convert it to smelter-grade alumina and chemical-grade alumina for use in domestic markets.

ARC Fused Alumina operates facilities producing a number of specialty alumina products in France and becomes a potential market for Gramercy's products as part of New Day's corporate portfolio, an official said. ARC was acquired from Mircal SA, a subsidiary of Imerys SA, which was required by the European Commission to divest the business as a condition to its 2016 acquisition of certain assets from Alteo Holding.

"This acquisition helps diversify New Day’s portfolio, both geographically and in product mix. La Bâthie provides us entry into a new market sector while better positioning New Day for more acquisition activity and integration on a global scale," said David D'Addario, CEO of New Day.