Future Fitness, a personal training facility, plans to move into a larger location in the Studio Park development at the intersection of Jefferson Highway and Lobdell Boulevard.

The 21-year-old business, which offers fitness training, massage therapy, spin classes, yoga and Reiki, will leave its current address at 674 Caddo St., a half-mile from the new building.

Construction on the 6,300-square-foot building should begin in June, with an opening in the new location in January, said Chris Gendusa, who owns Future Fitness.

“We’ve been looking to expand over the years, to provide a better service and a better environment,” Gendusa said. “We’re just outgrowing our space.”

Future Fitness currently is in a building that is under 6,000 square feet in size. The new building will be “more functional” with larger rooms for fitness programs.

Along with getting new workout equipment, Future Fitness plans to add to the services it offers. A physical therapy group will join with the business, Gendusa said, and nutritional counseling will be offered. “We may add a few people,” he said. Currently, 10 people work at Future Fitness.

Studio Park is an infill development aimed at art, design and lifestyle businesses. Announced tenants include Ann Connelly Fine Art and Anne James Hair Salon.

Gendusa paid $280,000 for the 0.6-acre site that will be the new home for Future Fitness. “Finding a location on Jefferson was difficult,” he said. “It’s hard to find a good piece of property.”

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