Victims of the August 2016 flood have been given another extension, this one until Dec. 31 to file claims with the National Flood Insurance Program.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency on Monday granted a fifth extension to policyholders to file a proof of loss claim or a supplemental proof of loss claim. The deadline was Sept. 1.

Under the NFIP, policyholders usually have 60 days to file a proof of loss. FEMA had extended that deadline four times. Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon requested the latest extension last week, saying there are still thousands of flood victims dealing with contractors and the challenges of making repairs in a very tight construction market.

Donelon said he wasn't seeking more time for people to file their initial claims but for people who haven't completed their repairs.

In many cases, contractors uncover additional damage while making repairs. Policyholders have to amend their original claims to add the hidden damage.

"To ensure that policyholders have every reasonable opportunity to request payment for all covered losses, I hereby issue an additional limited waiver of the 60-day proof of loss requirement by extending the period to Dec. 31, 2017," David I. Maurstad, assistant administrator for federal insurance for FEMA, said in a letter.

As of Monday, FEMA has concluded 99.6 percent of the 29,647 claims filed for the August Louisiana flooding.

There are still 104 claims remaining, Maurstad said, and FEMA will continue working with policyholders seeking additional payments throughout their rebuilding efforts.

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