Research Park Corp., the nonprofit oversight organization at Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge, ended 2014 with net assets of $23.4 million.

An independent audit by accounting firm LaPorte, released Thursday, showed that total was slightly more than 1 percent above the nearly $23.2 million reported for 2013.

Louisiana Technology Park is another nonprofit at the Bon Carré Business Center, 7117 Florida Blvd. It houses several growing technology companies, in addition to serving as an incubator for other businesses still in their infancy.

RPC’s $23.4 million included $889,576 invested in capital assets, which included leasehold improvements, data equipment, office equipment and radio frequency research-and-development equipment. That was a 240 percent increase over 2013 capital assets of $261,538.

The oversight organization’s largest asset on Dec. 31 was $21.3 million in investments. Those investments included securities totaling nearly $17 million and a $4.3 million note receivable owed by Bon Carré Business Center.

The note receivable resulted from Bon Carré’s 2013 purchase of business center property from RPC.

RPC’s investments were $264,224 less than the nearly $21.6 million recorded for 2013. Most of that decrease, $153,514, resulted from a decline in the size of that note receivable from the previous year.

In 2014, expenses increased to nearly $2.6 million from the 2013 total of nearly $2.1 million.