Noelie Harmon, a Perkins Road Overpass boutique that sells environmentally friendly and locally made gifts, is moving.

The boutique will relocate to 1010 Nicholson Drive, between downtown and LSU, and share a 5,000-square-foot space with Denicola’s, said Amy Strother, who owns both Noelie Harmon and Denicola’s.

Strother said the decision was made to close the boutique and combine with Denicola’s in order to keep Noelie Harmon operating.

“We’re lucky we can merge the two businesses together,” Strother said. At the same time, she said she’s “disappointed” that Noelie Harmon couldn’t make the Perkins Overpass location work.

Noelie Harmon opened six years ago on Corporate Boulevard and moved to Hollydale Avenue about three years ago.

The new location will be part of a development in what was most recently a warehouse and distribution center for St. Vincent de Paul.

Strother said she hopes to open the combined Denicola’s/Noelie Harmon before the start of the holiday shopping season. “This will be a one-stop shop for merchandise,” she said. “All of the Noelie Harmon lines and everything that we offer at Denicola’s.”