Cox Communications has reached an agreement with Nexstar that allows it to again broadcast Baton Rouge television stations WGMB-Fox 44 and WBRL-The CW and Lafayette stations KLAF-NBC, KADN-Fox and My Network TV Acadiana.

The five channels went off Cox at 11:59 p.m. Friday because of a battle over how much Nexstar wanted Cox to pay for including its programming as part of a basic cable package.

Terms of the agreement that allowed the channel to return to the Cox lineup were not disclosed Thursday.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and support as we sought to reach an agreement,” Cox said in a statement.

Nexstar had said it was asking Cox to pay the same retransmission rates that it got other cable and satellite companies to agree to in December. According to a company news release, that’s slightly more than double the previous rates, which were agreed to more than five years ago.

However, Cox had said the station owner was asking for a retransmission fee that is three times more than what Cox has been paying, and said that Nexstar had rejected an offer to take a rate that was the same as what WVLA and KZUP in Baton Rouge accepted two weeks earlier.

A Cox spokesman also had said Nextar was trying to finance an acquisition “on the backs of customers.”

Nexstar announced a plan last month to acquire Media General, a Virginia company that owns 71 TV stations, including KLFY, the Lafayette CBS station. The deal is valued at $4.6 billion and would create the second-largest broadcast company in America in terms of reach. The Nexstar Media Group would reach about 39 percent of U.S. television households.