Indie Plate, a Baton Rouge-based online grocery delivery and meal kit service, announced Wednesday it was shutting down.

In a letter posted to customers, the company said after four years, the challenges the business faced caught up to it.

Indie Plate was launched four years ago as a business that delivered farm-to-table items to households. But beginning in early 2017, it started to offer farm-sourced, no-prep meal kits. By the summer, it had transitioned entirely to the meal kit business.

The company said investing in meal kits required a lot of money, including building kitchens and warehouses, paying for marketing and logistics and buying high quality ingredients. “In the end, we simply were unable to raise the amount needed to sustain our business,” the company said.

“This is a very emotional time for us — as Indie Plate has been the fabric of our lives for years. Everyone on our team has invested capital, time and energy into something we all believed in wholeheartedly, and sacrificed a lot in an attempt to make our dream a reality. We have taken great pride in the service we have been able to provide to so many families in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the loyal customers and partners who have been with us along the way,” the company said.

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