New Orleans-based Entergy Corp. Chief Executive Officer Leo Denault’s $7 million compensation package in 2013 ranked No. 243 in The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group CEO Compensation Study.

The report analyzed data from the 300 largest publicly traded companies by revenue. Entergy appears to be the only Louisiana-based company on the list. CEO pay rose a median of 5.5 percent to $11.4 million in 2013 among those firms. The study includes salary, bonus and annual incentives as well as long-term incentives granted in the form of stock or cash.

The report found that although awards are increasingly tied to future financial performance, the biggest awards go to “a relative handful of executives at the very top” and their pay doesn’t always correlate to company size or performance.

The three highest-paid CEOs were Larry Ellison at Oracle Corp., Leslie Moonves at CBS, and Michael T. Fries at Liberty Global PLC. They made $188 million, more than the combined pay of the 50 CEOs at the bottom of the list.

Of the 19 utilities included in the report, Entergy’s pay was No. 16. The highest pay among untility executives went to Exelon CEO Christopher Crane, at $15.4 million.