The Federal Bureau of Investigation will move into a new office near Highland Road and Perkins Road East in about a year.

The building, at 18134 E. Petroleum Drive, will cost $1.9 million and be roughly 15,000 square feet, according to a permit granted by the city-parish Department of Public Works.

Special Agent Sheila Thorn said the bureau simply outgrew its office off Bluebonnet Boulevard north of Interstate 10, though she said the FBI doesn’t give out specifics on how many people work at the office.

MidSouth targets more business loans

MidSouth Bancorp Inc., of Lafayette, announced that the U.S. Treasury has selected MidSouth Bank for participation in the Small Business Lending Fund, which will allow the bank to extend more commercial loans at low and competitive rates to small businesses across its two-state trade area.

MidSouth’s goal is to put $108 million in new loans on its books over a two-year period, said Troy Cloutier, chief banking officer at MidSouth Bank.

“Working with the U.S. Treasury, the Small Business Administration and the various economic development districts throughout our markets will allow us to increase loans to many small businesses, which in turn will enable them to hire more employees in the areas of Louisiana and Texas,” he said.

In general, for a loan to qualify for SBLF funding, a company must have annual sales of less than $50 million and borrowing needs under $10 million.