“Ganjapreneurs,” and other enthusiasts, will celebrate National Marijuana Day on April 20, but any festivities in Louisiana will be highly unofficial.

Medical marijuana sales are legal in 23 states and Washington, D.C., and four states have made recreational sales legal. Louisiana is not one of them, although support for the idea is growing.

A recent LSU survey shows about 52 percent of respondents oppose the legalization of marijuana for personal use, while 45 percent support it. In 2013, those figures were 56 percent against the idea and 42 percent in support.

However, maijuana financial solutions firm Kind Financial says the holiday offers an opportunity to look at what may be the country’s fastest-growing industry – the cannabusiness – from a business standpoint.

Although a number of states have made the sale of marijuana legal in some form, hundreds of entrepreneurs can’t get the seed money they need to grow their business, according to Kind Financial.