Louisiana was the second-most expensive state in which to operate a motor vehicle, according to online personal finance firm Bankrate.com.

The average driver in Louisiana spends $2,555 a year for gasoline, insurance and repairs, according to the report. On average, Louisiana drivers spend $1,277 a year on insurance

Only Wyoming was more expensive than Louisiana, at $2,705. But Wyoming residents drive 60 percent more than motorists in the rest of the country so their gasoline costs are much higher

Iowa was the cheapest state at $1,942 per year because drivers there have the cheapest auto insurance rates in the country. The average policy in Iowa costs just $630 per year.

Other expensive states were Florida, $2,516; Mississippi, $2,487, and New Jersey, $2,421.

The other members of the five cheapest states were Ohio, $1,973; Illinois, $1,999; Idaho, $2,001; and Wisconsin, $2,018.