TOKYO — An All Nippon Airways flight made an emergency landing Wednesday morning in Japan after a cockpit message showed battery problems, in the latest trouble for the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner.”

Details of the problem were still being checked, ANA spokesman Takuya Taniguchi said after the flight to Tokyo from Ube landed at the Takamatsu airport.

ANA’s 787s have encountered several problems in the past two weeks, though no injuries have been reported. Taniguchi said the airline was not yet prepared to comment on the problems in the 787.

The U.S. government is conducting a review to find out what caused a fire, a fuel leak and other worrisome incidents with Boeing’s newest and most technologically advanced airliner, though it has reassured the public it is safe to fly.

A fire ignited Jan. 7 in the battery pack of an auxiliary power unit of a Japan Airlines 787 as the plane sat empty on the tarmac at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Later last week, a fuel leak delayed a flight from Boston to Tokyo of another Japan Airlines 787.

ANA cancelled a domestic flight Jan. 9 after a computer wrongly indicated a problem with the 787’s brakes. Two days later, the carrier reported two new cases: a minor fuel leak and a cracked cockpit windscreen.