The LSU Louisiana Business and Technology Center’s prototyping center, ProtoStripes, in Baton Rouge was awarded $25,000 by the Louisiana Business Incubation Association to purchase a Creaform 3D scanner.

With the addition of the 3-D scanner, the LBTC will be able to shrink the cost and time it would take for an entrepreneur to develop a new product. The scanner will serve as a catalyst in the prototyping process and will scan rough prototypes to turn them into CAD files.

The LBIA, in partnership with the Louisiana economic development department, gives annual awards of $300,000 to Louisiana business incubators. This is the fifth time the LBTC has won the $25,000 grant, and ProtoStripes has been able to purchase both a 3-D scanner and 3-D printer.

ProtoStripes utilizes a three-stage process to ensure innovators are focused on using the most effective method to commercialize their products. The center’s three phases include feasibility, prototype design and commercialization by allowing small businesses to display working prototypes to potential investors.