Avita Drugs, a pharmacy chain that specializes in providing medicine to people with chronic conditions, is moving its main Baton Rouge location from 411 Colonial Drive to 5551 Corporate Blvd.

The move to the new location should take place by the end of March, said Kaylie Blouin, an accountant with Avita.

Avita needed a new location with more space, Blouin said.

“We’re busting at the seams,” she said. “We hired a lot more staff and there’s not any room.”

The new location, which will take up the first floor of an office building, will be 18,000 square feet. Avita’s current location is 5,500 square feet, Blouin said.

Avita specializes in patients with conditions such as cancer, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. The pharmacy was founded in 2003 and has locations in New Orleans, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.

The move will allow Avita to better serve patients because there are a lot of non-profit agencies and social workers in the area around Corporate Boulevard, Blouin said.