Clear Channel Radio has laid off some of its on- and off-air workers as part of a new programming strategy.

Among them was WYNK-FM 10.5 “Country 101.5” afternoon drive time host Scott Innes, known for being the voice of Scooby Doo in a movie.

Innes said he will miss the people at WYNK and his listeners.

The San Antonio company declined to release details of the staffing changes, which were made Wednesday.

“As a policy, and out of respect, we don’t discuss internal staffing matters,” spokeswoman Shira Mahler said in an email.

Clear Channel market manager Michael Hudson also said he could not discuss anyone specifically., which describes itself as the largest online radio and music community, reported Clear Channel is cutting hundreds of jobs in smaller markets nationwide. said other cuts locally include Clarence Buggs, of WJBO-AM 1150, and Margie Maybe’s traffic report at WYNK. Innes said he expects Clear Channel to replace local personalities with syndicated national shows.

Innes said he said a prayer Wednesday for Clear Channel.

“I have yet to see anything they’ve changed work. I hope they can get it right this time ... because 200 people lost their jobs (nationally) today because some guy said, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea,’ ” Innes said.

Innes said it’s difficult to understand the decision to replace his show, which he said is the top-rated and most profitable in the city, with a syndicated product that has no connection to the local market.

Innes said he has been blessed, and that his layoff, although it came as no surprise, was still a little bittersweet.

Innes also said he has been feeling a little stifled at WYNK.

He said he has already had a handful of job offers, including radio stations in Tennessee and Alabama.

He turned those down, he said, because he couldn’t see himself lasting long at those jobs while wearing an LSU jersey.

According to Mahler, the changes are part of a plan to apply the approaches to programming, talent, technology and other resources that Clear Channel’s most effective and efficient stations have used.

As part of Clear Channel’s re-engineering of products to local markets, some positions were eliminated, Hudson said.

Hudson said the company is always trying to improve, and part of that effort involves bringing in better programming.

According to its website, Clear Channel owns 850 stations in 150 cities nationwide.

The company’s Baton Rouge stations include WJBO, WFMF-FM 102.5, WYNK-FM 96.1, “The River 96.1,” and WSKR-FM 1210, “The Score.”