The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority on Tuesday approved the transfer of ownership of 13 empty lots to Habitat for Humanity.

It is the second batch of lots the RDA, which clears the title of adjudicated properties to help put them back to productive use, has transferred to the nonprofit homebuilder.

The first time was last year and consisted of three houses on Chinn Street, where Habitat has been building on several lots, said Mark Goodson, vice president of the RDA.

In its meeting Tuesday, the RDA approved the transfer of 13 more lots. Four have clear title now, while the other nine will be transferred once the legal work is completed.

Adjudicated properties are ones that have been put in the hands of the city-parish because the taxes on them haven’t been paid.

Goodson said Habitat will reimburse the RDA for the legal costs associated with clearing the title of the properties, which will be standard practice as the RDA moves forward with this element of its mission.

The lots, all of which are empty, are in the Scotlandville and Valley Park neighborhoods, Goodson said.