Bad weather in Tennessee and Kentucky has created a national shortage of Thin Mints, the most popular cookie sold by the Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf, which covers the 42 parishes west of the Mississippi River, issued a news release Monday to let volunteers know the reason for the cookie delay, said spokeswoman Erin Turner. The winter weather has forced delivery trucks to park.

“It was just taking a long time, and they were asking us when cookies were going to be in. So we were able to get a few more cookies in on a shipment on Saturday, but it’s just kind of slow nationally and all around because of the bad weather and a combination of things.”

One of those complications is higher-than-expected demand for Thin Mints.

Turner said the Scouts took preorders for cookies and all of those orders have been filled. But the shortage is affecting booth sales.

So booth customers may have one fewer cookie choice, Turner said. Meanwhile, the Pines to the Gulf region has extended booth sales a week, until March 21.

Turner said the cookie sales, regardless of the Thin Mint shortage, teach Scouts five essential skills: goal setting, decision-making, people skills, money management and business ethics.

The Pines to the Gulf region serves nearly 8,000 girls and 3,000 adult volunteers.