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Joseph Juban, Baton Rouge General board of trustees

Joseph E. Juban, counsel with the Long Law Firm, has been named chair of Baton Rouge General’s board of trustees.

Juban has served on the board since 2012 and served on the Baton Rouge General Foundation board of governors for seven years.

Banking veteran Phyllis McLaurin has been named vice chair of the General’s board of trustees. McLaurin also serves as chair of the Baton Rouge General Foundation board of governors. McLaurin retired in 2012 after 42 years in banking. She served as vice president and market manager of JP Morgan’s private wealth management for the Baton Rouge and Lafayette markets.

Other members of the Baton Rouge General/General Health System board of trustees are Perry Franklin, Gary Graphia, Margaret Hart, Dr. Roy G. Kadair, Isabelina Nahmens and the Rev. Ronnie L. Williams; and ex officio members Dr. Andrew Olinde and Mark F. Slyter, the General’s president and chief executive officer.